Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blog a book: Chapter 4 Self Reliant.

This chapter was interesting in that I always want my kids to be self-reliant. A lot of the things Dyer discusses are things that we do with our kids anyway. I have to admit that I am an approval seeker because I think when I was small that is how I got attention. In my family I still seek their approval and usually don't get it. I have learned over the years that seeking approval gets you no where. Thus, I am trying to help my kids to get over that approval thing. My oldest, Autumn, does fine with this and we usually discuss the problems she has and I reassure her that she should just be herself and stick to what she believes regardless of everyone else. My middle child, Jacob has trouble with this and is a terrible approval seeker. I am trying to wean him away from this but it is very frustrating. My littlest one, I have been really aware of the little spilled milk, I try not to get angry but just clean it up and sometimes include him in the process. I truly believe that we all need to make sure our kids don't blame others for their problems.

I agree with Dyer most in this I have figured these things out for myself and try to help my kids find that they have the power within themselves. Don't go looking for something that is right inside you.


The Silent K said...

Did you like the examples Dyer used for talking with disrespectful teenagers?

They sounded good to me, but I don't have kids that age, so i don't know what it is really like.

Secret Knitter said...

Hi, Tess. Sounds like you're reading a really great book. I should be sending out your first Secret Pal package within the next two weeks--still hunting down some items. -- Your Secret Pal