Saturday, June 10, 2006

Secret Pal 8......Thank you!!!

Here are things my secret pal sent me. The yarn is sock yarn and I can't wait to try socks. I might have to take a little while before I do but I will learn to do socks.....

The book is really good. I already finished it. But will probably read it again and again. My secret pal is treating me well.

The knitting is going okay right now. I figured out my left front on my cardigan and that is coming along. I haven't made much progress on anything else because I am working on my paper craft hobby. I am going to do some selling at a craft fair in July so I am busy making things to sell. Plus the kids have been busy as well.

Now that has cooled off...I will be able to make better progress. It has been so hot here and we don't have A/C so it hard to keep the house cool and comfy.
I will try to update about the book in the next few days. I haven't read the last two chapters so will skim those and come up with something tomorrow or Monday.


The Silent K said...

Your secret pal IS treating you well!

No stress about the book- you don't HAVE to post for every single chapter or anything (although I do enjoy reading the posts very much ;) )

I am posting about chapter 5 on wednesday. I skipped it last week and went right to chapter 6. Duh. So I am backtracking now.

Zee said...

Spoiled! Good for you!
You secret pal knows how to treat you well.

The book is wonderful, I agree. I'm going to read mine again.