Saturday, December 02, 2006

Journaling my Christmas Day #2!

Well I am no expert on blogger either. Some day I will learn how to get pictures to go where I want them to. This my day 2 entry. I spread the journaling across the two pages.

Here is the Journaling in a more comprehensive manner.

Christmastime has always meant snow and ice . I grew up in Ohio and snow was generally present. I made snowmen and snowball fights with the neighborhood kids. The winters never got terribly cold. Thermometer at zero was cold, snow crunching under foot...nose a bit cold...uncomfortable, yes, but not life threatening.
I live in North Dakota now, winter has a whole new meaning, -20*F isn't unusual, the cold is life threatening if out for more than a few minutes. My kids don't usually play in the snow like we used to. I have learned to always wear gloves and hats...etc because it gets COLD! I still enjoy the season with lots of clothes and coffee.I do lots of indoor thnigs but the live nativity is one I will brave the COLD for. It is a special event and one new tradition to add to our family. My kids think snow is just a season to get thorough until spring. I hope one day they can appreciate the snow for its beauty than the ugly side of the cold that goes with it.

There it is in a nutshell. the snowflakes were made by me and my daughter. It was fun to make them again.

Journaling my Christmas

I have decided to come back to blogger. Journalspace wasn't letting me do things I wanted to do.

I know how this all works so I am back.

I am taking this class online about journaling your Christmas so far it is lots of fun. I am remembering making snowflakes.

It is fun to creative with paper and scissors again. Back to basics for me. I post my Manifesto/committment to being creative every day during this season.