Saturday, December 02, 2006

Journaling my Christmas Day #2!

Well I am no expert on blogger either. Some day I will learn how to get pictures to go where I want them to. This my day 2 entry. I spread the journaling across the two pages.

Here is the Journaling in a more comprehensive manner.

Christmastime has always meant snow and ice . I grew up in Ohio and snow was generally present. I made snowmen and snowball fights with the neighborhood kids. The winters never got terribly cold. Thermometer at zero was cold, snow crunching under foot...nose a bit cold...uncomfortable, yes, but not life threatening.
I live in North Dakota now, winter has a whole new meaning, -20*F isn't unusual, the cold is life threatening if out for more than a few minutes. My kids don't usually play in the snow like we used to. I have learned to always wear gloves and hats...etc because it gets COLD! I still enjoy the season with lots of clothes and coffee.I do lots of indoor thnigs but the live nativity is one I will brave the COLD for. It is a special event and one new tradition to add to our family. My kids think snow is just a season to get thorough until spring. I hope one day they can appreciate the snow for its beauty than the ugly side of the cold that goes with it.

There it is in a nutshell. the snowflakes were made by me and my daughter. It was fun to make them again.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your journaling .... -20 IS COLD!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I love your snowflakes and it's nice that you've involved your daughter too ... lovely memories in the making!

Anonymous said...

Love the snowflakes! Your journaling is really great. Lovely entry!

Chiara said...

love the snow flake

Anonymous said...

Love the snowflakes especially since they were made by both you and your DD. I can totally relate to your journaling. I grew up in Michigan and moved to Minnesota. 2 totally different kinds of winter.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the snowflakes!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Love your journaling and page!

Linda's Blog said...


It has been YEARS since I experienced -20 degrees in winter.

Living in NC, it is cold when we ever even get winter weather like in the 20's. Our winters we may use our winter coat maybe 2 weeks out of the winter months. Heavy sweaters are used more.

I love your December journaling.

( this is LindainNCtoo at the Sunroom ).