Friday, December 28, 2007

Mystery Stole aka Swan Lake Update

I am finally up to row 204 and Chart E started. It has taken one frogging and more stitch markers to finally see some improvement. there are mistakes but I won't tell if you won't.

I also got a new digital camera for Christmas so I will taking lots more pics and putting them up here. I just need to find the time to do it. What I really need is high speed. I sooo want DSL that is about all I can get here without too much trouble but I need to switch providers as the only one that I can get is new and that would mean changing my email and such. This dial up thing is just taking way too much time.

My computer also took a dive and I have had to reload all my applications which meant losing all my email addresses too. It will take time but I will rebuild. I am hoping to get to the LYS soon but I may have to do somethings over the phone instead of in person for a bit. I am planning on going to a spin in Jan 12th. It will fun and it will be the first guild meeting in a long time. I need more help with spinning, not to mention an afternoon out with out kids and animals wondering what I am doing and if they can help. It will be at a really cool ethnic museum. They have a real viking ship as the center piece of the place. Pretty cool sounds like lots of pictures being taken that day.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas is coming!

Yea, I know it is coming ever closing. At least this year we are almost done with kids' lists;
DH asked for mine last week. So that is better than we have ever done. I hope to get a Christmas bonus next week to finish off and to get Dh something great. I don't know what that is but probably a massage or something. He needs that as I can't do that do to my hand problems and I just don't have the strength or know how to do it good.

I would love a weekend alone with him but until the kids are all old enough to handle a few days on their own and we can afford it; it will be a long time coming.

Knitting will I have been working on my Swan Lake shawl almost done with clue 3. Yeah....

I have also started to get my Ravelry notebook done. I keep finding more great patterns though so the queque is getting longer by the second. I did frog my Aspen grove Shawl because I knitted under duress there were lost stitches and counts were off so I just decided the best thing to do was to start over. But since Swan lake is coming along I haven't found the time to start it again. I also have 2 shawl kits that should be knitted too. But they will have to wait. I have to find some easy knitting to take to basketball games. I am thinking of starting Fenna from Myrna's Faroese shawl book. It is simple but will be a good way to get into the Faroese style of knitting. I am all for garter or stocking stitch it is a nice break from the more complicated.

I am also starting Journal Your Christmas again this year. I am way behind all ready but did get to do 2 days tonight so now I am just a week behind. I might be able to catch up this weekend. I have nothing planned except for cookie baking. So that might be the way to go and also sneak in some knitting too. I don't have any new pics but I did get some up at ravelry.

Check me out there I am araygirl. It is a very interesting place to get to know people far and wide.

I am also finding new etsy stores and other vendors for spinning supplies. I don't have anything nearby for that so.....I can window shop to my heart's content online.

Maybe I will get back here later.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Snow, Snow and more Snow....

Oh, also below zero temps.....I "love" winter..... I chose to live here so I shouldn't complain. So now begins the season of boots, snowpants, hats, gloves etc.... I am slowly trying to organize this house but it is slow going. I have been busy with basketball games and tournaments; harvest and getting a volunteer youth organzation back on its feet after a tornado. So life has been interesting this last few months. Plus DH was sick for a few days in there too. He rarely gets sick so when he does it is usually very sick. He is really good so it is nice to pamper him for the few days. But it does slow the rest of us down too.

Well, on the knitting front I have gotten Bristow to the last quarter but I have to rip back an inch as in the stress of late I knitted too far for the shoulder and armhole shaping. So I am working on the Swan Lake shawl again. I have gotten to clue 3 and added more markers to keep the pattern count better. I have to say I love stitch markers. They have helped me more than I can say.

Since this is December 1, Journal your Christmas is back and I am looking forward to doing it again. It was nice to take a few minutes everyday to think about the daily question and my answer to it. It has made me look at Christmas differently and able to appreciate it more than I have in a few years. So look for some journal pages here for the next month or so.

I am not knitting any Christmas gifts but am looking doing a shawl for my daycare provider. She is so good with my ds. He loves her and her family as if we are related. Since we live far from grandma and grandpa it is nice to see he gets some psuedo grammy time.

Well, I am going to go work on my ravelry page as this is the only time I can get since for some reason I can't sleep in anymore. Oh well, the house is quiet and no fighting to mediate or getting anything for anyone.

enjoy your winter doesn't last forever....