Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas is coming!

Yea, I know it is coming ever closing. At least this year we are almost done with kids' lists;
DH asked for mine last week. So that is better than we have ever done. I hope to get a Christmas bonus next week to finish off and to get Dh something great. I don't know what that is but probably a massage or something. He needs that as I can't do that do to my hand problems and I just don't have the strength or know how to do it good.

I would love a weekend alone with him but until the kids are all old enough to handle a few days on their own and we can afford it; it will be a long time coming.

Knitting will I have been working on my Swan Lake shawl almost done with clue 3. Yeah....

I have also started to get my Ravelry notebook done. I keep finding more great patterns though so the queque is getting longer by the second. I did frog my Aspen grove Shawl because I knitted under duress there were lost stitches and counts were off so I just decided the best thing to do was to start over. But since Swan lake is coming along I haven't found the time to start it again. I also have 2 shawl kits that should be knitted too. But they will have to wait. I have to find some easy knitting to take to basketball games. I am thinking of starting Fenna from Myrna's Faroese shawl book. It is simple but will be a good way to get into the Faroese style of knitting. I am all for garter or stocking stitch it is a nice break from the more complicated.

I am also starting Journal Your Christmas again this year. I am way behind all ready but did get to do 2 days tonight so now I am just a week behind. I might be able to catch up this weekend. I have nothing planned except for cookie baking. So that might be the way to go and also sneak in some knitting too. I don't have any new pics but I did get some up at ravelry.

Check me out there I am araygirl. It is a very interesting place to get to know people far and wide.

I am also finding new etsy stores and other vendors for spinning supplies. I don't have anything nearby for that so.....I can window shop to my heart's content online.

Maybe I will get back here later.

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