Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blog a book along: Chapter 2

This was more interesting chapter. I so completely understand what he means. My son has low self-esteem. We have done all of things that Mr Dyer describes. Some of these things were hard to do because you have think before you speak. When my dh and I had our first child we decided that we change some of the things that our parents did. Our parents did some things that we didn't like or made us feel good about ourselves so we decided that we wouldn't perpetuate that way.

The first thing we decided was that we would tell our children that we loved them daily. We would also make sure that we disapproved the behavior not the child. Also we would tell our children that they could accomplish anything as along as they gave it their all. So many of Dyer's concepts are not new to me.

I think the reason that my son has such problems is that the daycare provider that I used was not as diligent about watching the speech and such. I also for some reason stopped hugging and kissing my son thinking that it would make him more needy. I know now that was wrong. I do make an effort to hug and kiss him even though he is 11. So he is coming along but it is a long hard road. He has all of the problems that Dyer describes. I think I am going to try the imagery ideas to see if that will make a dent in his ability to succeed. Right now it is hard for him to try new things because he gets frustrated if they aren't perfect right away. So maybe if he can imagine himself succeding it will be a step in the right direction.

Now, my daughter on the other hand, is the a good start on no limit person. She is good at lots of things and just expects that she will be. Not to say that she doesn't try new things but she does get discouraged sometimes but she doesn't let that stop her. Maybe she will be the first no limit person I meet.....

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