Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Not much these two things have in common but me....I know of a few people who also have this combo I love yarn and knitting and crocheting but I also love working with paper and making cards and layouts. I guess it is better to always have different things to work on than nothing at all. I am still trying to finish a prayer shawl and scarf and a hat. I think I am almost done with the scarf because I am almost done with the black yarn. It is for my daughter so she is anxiously waiting for me to be done since it is cold now. I have a few Christmas gifts to make but those will be paper. I also have to clean my house because my insurance guy is stopping by to talk with me about my insurance. I really don't need any more so he is making a wasted trip. But he really wants to come. I have a really busy week so I trying to keep everything in perspective. Tonight is girl scouts, and church. Dinner has to be eaten somewhere between the two. Well, off to clean my house and keep things in perspective. Happy knitting~!

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