Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving prepartions have started.

Here is our Turkey getting all drunk so to speak.  It is being brined in a combination of cider and beer and spices.  It usually comes out very nice.  The family really loves it. So this is tomorrow's dinner.  I am so looking forward to having 4 days off.  I don't get that much and we are staying home. I am looking forward to spending relaxing time at home with the family. 

But tomorrow is reserved for cooking, eating, spinning, and watching movies.  Friday is for getting the house ready for Christmas. Saturday is a basketball scrimmage. Sunday is for decorating the church.  So here is my Thankful list.

I am thankful that David is well and seems likely to stay that way.  I am thankful that Jacob is coming along in school and is a wonderful bright and caring person. I am thankful that Seth is trying to helpful and loves to gives hugs to everyone. I am thankful that Beau is a really good dog.  I am also thank for my far away family and friends for keeping in touch as best they can and sharing their lives with me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy anniversary to us!

IMG_1914.jpg, originally uploaded by stephrussell2001.
Today is my 22nd Annivesary to my wonderful husband, David. I actually forgot about this one as it is our second wedding date. We did get married in July but this was our wedding in our hometown with family and friends. It was a wonderful day even if it did snow. Almost every who was invited came and I hope had a good time. It was wonderful to be with family and friends to mark our life change from single people to an official married couple.

Our time together seems like forever and also seems like we just started this whole thing. It is hard to believe that 22 years have past. Every year brings some new to either be rejoiced for or struggled to get through. We are not the same people who started out on this journey but we still share the same love and devotion that we had at the beginning. This love has matured as well from an exciting future hopes to a warm, close steadying relationship. We are glad to be celebrating this year and I hope there will be many more.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Journal your Christmas

I am looking forward to this Journal Your Christmas journal this year.  I haven't scrapped in a long time since probably last year. But it is always fun and keeps me focused on the reason for the Season.  It also helps to reflect on my feelings about the season and why I think the way I do and what I want to change.   Here are my supplies this year.  I am going to do 8x8 with patterned paper to accent.  Also found some really cute snowflakes to put my numbers for the date. I am hoping to finish this one.  I might go peek at the prompts to remind myself of them.  I also have to pick what pen and other doo dads to use too. I am going to try to keep it simple.  I am glad I got paper that has glitter already on it.  If any is wondering how this works check out this link Journal your Christmas.  This is what gets me through the holidays. I miss some things from my childhood but have done different things with my kids so it is nice to combine the two. Join me if you need to take back your Christmas.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy, Busy

I will have to add photos later as I will never get this posted if I wait to get photos up.  After the van fire, I attend a UMW district meeting the following weekend.  It was wonderful to visit with all the different women from around our district here.  Putting names to faces is always fun.   I am still learning my new "job" as district treasurer.  It does take a certain amount of time but I sure it will be easier as time goes on.  This meant that I was away from home over night.  David was fine and so were the kids but I know eating wasn't as dependable.

The next weekend I want on fun and exciting weekend with my spinning and knitting friends.  I went to Watertown, SD to a fiber festival.  There animals mostly sheep and alpacas, lots of yarn and roving too.  I bought a really nice alpaca pin roving and some lovely pink batts.  I took a spinning class on how to spin fine yarn.  It was very interesting and I learned how to trust the thread as you spin.  There was also a deal that you got 4 ounces of fiber to spin and the returned the finished yarn for the auction at the end of the weekend.  It was interesting experience to spin all different types of fibers in one yarn. 

The rest of the time has been spent going to cross country meets for Jacob.  He did a good job this year and looks forward to next year running the longer distances.  He generally runs a 3k but next year will look at doing the 5k. 

Next was Halloween, Seth was Darth Vader.  He had a lot of fun going to a friends party and trick or treating around town.  This Halloween was actually a very pleasant night.  It was a bit chilly but not too close to freezing. 

Autumn has been busy with getting her senior pictures done and given out.  She has been busy with play practice.  Today she starts basketball practice.  I have a feeling our nice quiet weekends will be very busy soon. 

I can't believe that is almost Thanksgiving time.  I am also looking forward to Journaling my Christmas.  I think I will do it as a digital file this time around here on the blog.  It is fun to do and makes me thoughtful at this time of year.