Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving prepartions have started.

Here is our Turkey getting all drunk so to speak.  It is being brined in a combination of cider and beer and spices.  It usually comes out very nice.  The family really loves it. So this is tomorrow's dinner.  I am so looking forward to having 4 days off.  I don't get that much and we are staying home. I am looking forward to spending relaxing time at home with the family. 

But tomorrow is reserved for cooking, eating, spinning, and watching movies.  Friday is for getting the house ready for Christmas. Saturday is a basketball scrimmage. Sunday is for decorating the church.  So here is my Thankful list.

I am thankful that David is well and seems likely to stay that way.  I am thankful that Jacob is coming along in school and is a wonderful bright and caring person. I am thankful that Seth is trying to helpful and loves to gives hugs to everyone. I am thankful that Beau is a really good dog.  I am also thank for my far away family and friends for keeping in touch as best they can and sharing their lives with me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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