Sunday, November 04, 2007

Secret pal 11 post!!!

I received my second package from my secret pal. It was a wonderful package. I had a skein of Seacoast Handpainted yarn Panda which is a blend of merino/bamboo/nylon. A set of size 2 dpns, a grapefruit scented candle (which is fav of mine), some hazelnut chocolates and a wonderful dpn case to round the package. I had a great time opening it and enjoying the yarn and chocolates. It was great way to enjoy a Friday even though I had to work I got to look at the yarn to get me through the day. I will try to take pics soon. I just haven't had the time to do much of anything.

1st kid is in a play and that is taking up all of her extra time. 2nd kid is playing basketball for the next few weeks. Then I have some mtgs and such next week for my volunteer activities and well as work when is busy depending the day and what is going on with the harvest and shipping things. So really next week I have something going on every day.

I did finish the faroese shawl and I did cast on for the Aspen Grove Shawl from I am doing the fall colorway in reds/yellows. I hope to knit a bit more on it tonight but we will see. I am on ravelry now under the araygirl name. I will update that a bit more as I go. My DH asked me the other day how many projects do I have going. I kinda of ignored the question and just 3 because that is what I had with me at the time. My sock because that is easy knitting just knit. My left front sweater for when I wait for the next game. Then the premie hat because it is also an easy knit but I have to find the directions to start the decreases.

I also have MS3 to do but that is home knitting and quiet time knitting because it requires concentration. I am really thinking to trying to get a retreat going because I need a weekend of knitting to finish some of these projects. I may suggest one at my next guild meeting. Wouldn't that be great a whole weekend of nothing but knitting and finishing projects. All the meals made for you and you just have to worry about finishing that row or taking a nap.

Ahhh to dream......

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ThatOtherSharon said...

Sounds like you've been CRAZY busy!!!

No wonder I never see you in Chat any more.