Friday, July 27, 2007

Been a busy time....and hot.....

I am excited I finally found another Secret Pal going on. I missed the last few but that is okay was too busy to do it justice anyway. So I trying to come up with things to do for my Secret Pal who I don't know yet.

Knitting wise not doing too much but working on my Mystery Stole 3. I'm almost done with Clue 1 but I am way behind. It started while I was on vacation and didn't get to do it then. Then catching up from vacation...etc. Life got in the way but I am liking it more as it gets bigger. Plus I have been working on it at work so I get a few hours to work without distractions except for the occaisonal phone call.
Just a pic of spring!

I was thinking today about how many things I have on the needles is the list

Faroese Shawl--down to the border part and soon the beaded picot edging

Cozy stole(knitty pattern)- about 1/4 into it but haven't touched it in months.

Cabled scarf-halfway need to add the new ball to continue.

Second sock-3/4 of the way done just need to do the foot and toe part.

Baby sweater-1/4 done just lost interest in this one.

Bristow- still working on that left front. I think that will be my next stick to it until its done project.

I have bought some yarn with projects in mind and some just because.

I also have a lot of fiber to spin up and to mention the fleece to get ready to spin. Generally speaking if I didn't do anything for a year I would have yarn aplenty.

I will have to get some pics up. Took lots of them while on vacation it was nice to see family and renew relationships.

Thinking of ways to repay some kindnesses but don't know if I am that fast of a knitter. Probably not.....someday.

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