Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am a bad blogger!!!!

I missed the entire month of May! Well,I guess I was busy with end of school year stuff and spring planting. Oh, Well!!! I haven't done too much knitting though or spinning for that matter. But did do some today even though it is sooo flipping hot here. From really cold to really hot.... can't be happy medium. Any way, I am still working on Bristow even though I frogged the front again. I should just do it and finish so I can start the right. I am still working on the Faroese shawl. That is coming along almost to the border now. I did do a bad thing and ordered a whole cone of Zephyr yarn. It was half the price of anywhere else and so far great service at Sarah's yarns. Looking forward to my yarn should be here at the end of the week. This is for the Mystery Stole 3. Great idea and can't wait to finish my swatch and see what I did to do either go up or down a needle size. Well, when my son's camera battery gets charged I will post pictures of my shawl and other things.

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