Monday, April 30, 2007

May Already!!!

I know, I know...not really original but hey who cares....I have been super busy these last few weeks. I work for a grain elevator so it is spring planting time finally and so my job goes nutso for a few weeks. So I work ten hours not a lot of time left for knitting and blogging and such.

Knitting wise I seem to be addicted to knitting the Faroese is easy and challenging all at the same time. I like the lace gusset so that is the only challenging part and the rest is garter stitch so ....easy and you please and with my brain needing a vacation it is the perfect project for all those busy days. I don't think I have knit anything else this entire month. I did sew up half a kimono and one sock. I did do a few rounds on my second sock but it looks pretty much like it does in the photo on the last entry. Everything else is the same too. I should do a second baby sock to go with the first but don't know if that is happening any time soon.

I have exciting news....I was able to win an ebay bid for a wheel....I am so excited in a few weeks a new wheel....I can't wait I might clean the house for the new addition. Well, got to go and decide what is my UFO for this month. I am thinking Bristow cardi really REALLY need to get that front done.

See ya....

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