Monday, April 02, 2007

April Already!!!!

Wow the month of March went by way too fast. Between finishing up
Basketball for DD to starting wrestling for DS. It has been a lot of traveling, not so great weather and changes at work. It was alot running around and such. I did almost exclusively knit on my Faroese Shawl. I am up to about 300 stitches so far only have to get to around 500 when it will be almost done. At increasing 4 stitches every other row. It might be a while. I think for the month of April I WILL get my left front done. I need to get that done some time this century. I love the yarn(knitpicks andean silk) just feel like I have to concentrate on what I am doing with all the cables and watching the pattern. I think I will start the left sleeve too.

I will take pics soon and see what progress i have made on the shawl and then be able to see the progrees of the cardi too.

I have been researching spinning wheels. I have two spindles and like that but am finding it slow to figuring it out. I think I have got the idea just need a bit of a reassurance as to the technique. I am trying to find a guild in the area. I do know of a women who spins near me I just have to ask around for her name. I am going to start a spinning wheel fund and maybe by the end of summer I will have enough to buy either a Louet S10 or S15. I just bought more merino roving on ebay. May try my hand at dyeing some of it since it is white.

I have also been scrapbooking lately too. I went to a weekend retreat a couple of weekends ago. It was wonderful to get away and just relax and do something I enjoy without all the worry of dinner, kids and guilt about not being with my family. It was well worth the money. I got 28 8x8pages done. I just have to finish the albums I started not to mention the thousand other things I have to do. I should make a list. ...

I will try to post more but don't count on it. It is getting busier here all the time. Especially with spring planting right around the corner.

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Stacy Sheldon said...

Hey Tess,
Miss "seeing you" at chat... :)
you know we are still doing it but, as Instant messaging right?
(its been that long since i talked to you I cant remember seeing you on the I.M.)

Hope things are well!