Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day and March UFO challenge


cabled scarf
bristow left cardi
my second sock....
I finally got the pics uploaded...Yeah!!!! We had about 7" of snow last night and more to follow today so no work or school today.

This month I want to concentrate on getting my cabled scarf done and the left front of Bristow done. I have started 2 new projects this month. I am doing well with that. The list is ever growing. We now have: Faroese shawl, cabled scarf, Cozy(lacy shawl), Bristow cardi, and second sock. Five projects on the needles. Hopefully, I can get this down to about 3 this month.

But I am knitting so that is good now I have to some scrapbooking too. Maybe this snowy weekend I can get something done there as well.

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