Friday, February 23, 2007

Update on the UFO Challenge

I have bee working on my Cozy pattern from Knitty. Cozy is coming a long I am on the second skein so that is good and the pattern is looking better than the first time I did it. I am using bigger needles this time and it is making all the difference.

Bristow is at a point that I am going to just have to finish it so I don't forget where I am in the pattern. It might be this weekend. We are scheduled to have a winter storm so that means staying home and knitting and crafting. Hope it won't be too crazy with 3 kids and hubby stuck home too.

The Faroese shawl is coming a long as well. It is beside my bed waiting patiently for me to finish. It is easier than I thought so it is an easy knit.

I also started my second sock so that is easy too. I am hoping it comes out close to the first one.
Someday I will find my camera and post pictures of my finished objects.

Well I have to go I will post what my next month's concentrated objects will be later.

I have a dr appt and various other errands .

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