Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Winter Weather

I woke to a world of white this morning.  It actually started to snow yesterday afternoon. Now it is still snowing and the ground is covered with white.  After looking at the weather forecast,  we are supposed to get another inch. I love snow during Christmas but I do get tired of it by the end of December. If only we could get it just before Christmas and then it could melt and I would the happiest person around.  The years we haven't had snow for Christmas just seemed so wrong, like it just wasn't Christmas yet.  I have a feeling this white look is going to stay until the spring.  I do love it when it is untouched and no footprints, mud etc to mar its existance. Snow always make everything seem new somehow.  I have always lived in the north where snow is always a possiblity.  There are so many different types of snow. We have the heavy, wet snow in Ohio and the dry, light fluffy stuff we usually get here in North Dakota. I guess winter wouldn't be winter without the white stuff.

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