Saturday, April 04, 2009

Busy life too much going on

I am so tired of this weather. It is all snowing and flooding and muddy. Yuck! I keep telling myself in a few weeks the grass will be green and it will nice to outside the mud will be gone. I can't tell you how much this winter has seemed to drag on and on. I am trying to think of a place that has season but that isn't so freaking extreme. I will have to investigate that for my old age.

Things here are busy...Autumn has prom in a few weeks. We are actually going to be chaperones. I am looking forward to it. It is so nice to see all the kids dressed and having fun. Jacob is busy with track, speech and school homework. I can't believe he is 14 now. His birthday was yesterday. We took him to Texas Roadhouse and his present was a PSP. His is so excited about. He is getting so tall and growing up fast too. He is a pretty good kid. Seth is at his inquisitive stage. ASking all kinds of questions and telling you what to do because at six he knows it all too. He has some pretty funny I put a cover on a our new couch. He says " What are you covering that up for?" He just ughhhh's and walks away. He also is very personable to everyone he meets. He comes to where I work after school and strikes up conversations with anyone and everyone he sees there. Seth is our social butterfly.

Well, I suppose I should get David and go out and try to get our van out of the mud it has been in for 3 weeks now. I would like to drive it again. I am sure Autumn would like to have wheels again too.

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