Saturday, March 08, 2008

What I have been doing these last weeks

Well, lots of things like staying warm with below zero temps for most of it. We are at least warmer today 30 above but snowing and blowing. Can't have everything I guess. Hoping this is getting the last few things of winter and spring will start to spring....

I am NOT looking forward to getting up an hour earlier (thank you daylight savings time) whose bright idea was it anyway. Getting little sleep as it is and we not get one hour less well, not really but it feels that way so for the next week I will be out of sorts because not only are getting less sleep we have to get the kids to bed at the same time but it is still light out here like really light.... So the kids then put up the fight of it is not bedtime because the sun is still out.....ugh...

This is my first real kind of know what I am doing yarn. I got the roving from a fiber club Spunky Eclectic does. I loved how it drafted so smoothly and quickly. Loved it... want more. (have to work on the plying part though but that is coming along.

I still have Jan and now Feb fiber to spin up plus some more corriedale that I ordered in my high school colors...purple and gold. Here is the purple I have 8 oz so maybe a shawl or stole that is pretty simple.

I am finally putting a my picture of wheel up here too.
I have Schipperjte wheel. I need to get more and newer bobbins for it. I just have to start emailing for dimensions I guess. I haven't giving her a name yet. Just haven't thought about it too much I guess.

She came all the way from the Netherlands. It is not perfect but I have got to where I am able to spin fairly consistently on her. I need to make some more adjustments but I am reading Alden Amos' book, The Big Book of Handspinning I am finding it very interesting reading. I am learning lot about what things mean and why and to me that is important puts things in perspective.
Well, that is what I have been doing besides family stuff DS#1 wrestling events, getting DD ready for prom and understanding boys, and DS#2 well, just keeping him out of trouble...
I should blog more I need to update the sidebar a bit with different things that I have been doing. I am still knitting my 3 shawls. I put one away for a while(Aspen Grove). I WILL finish the Secret of the Stole ii and Swan Lake before I do any others.
That is the next post shawl time. I will try to do it next week.

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