Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's officially Fall for me!

I saw a v-shaped flock of birds heading south for winter. I wait every year until I see the first ones. I hope to see a bald eagle soon too. The last few years we have seen a couple of bald eagles pass thru eating their dinner. They are such a majestic and awe inspiring creature to watch. Also the mice are making pests of themselves this year. Trying to keep them out and get out the ones that got in to begin with. Never ending battle when you live in the country.

I did finish my shawl and can't wait to start the next one. I have been busy all week and haven't gotten a chance to Flash my stash for SP 11. I also got on Ravelry and haven't gotten a second to spend their either. I went to do a minute ago and found the digital was out of power so I am waiting for the battery to charge maybe I will get it in tonight don't know.

My secret pal did send me a package. I got it earlier in the week it contained 2 balls of 100% silk yarn that is so soft and wonderful can't wait to do something with it. I am think a scarf. We will see. The colors were wonderful too. I am kinda burned out on pinks and purples so the yarn was a nice change. It is in greens and purples and some white too. So different looking anyway.

Can't wait to have a moment to think about some things. Just thought I would do a quick post and say that I am still around just really really busy.

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