Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pastor Bill Fretwell

He died suddenly last week at the age of 48 which is way too young if you ask me. But God didn't ask me so he called his servant home. I knew this man thru a committee we served on together for the youth of our community. He had a passion for Christ and for his family including every Christian and person in town. He was always ready for a laugh and told funny stories. He was also a peacemaker and wanted to see every side of problem and understand it to effect a fair and reasonable solution. It is so hard to believe that he is gone and will only be remembered from recorded sermons and family memories. He won't get to see his younger children grow up and become adults. He won't get to hold anymore grandchildren which he so loved.

I know he made an impact on my life that I will be forever grateful. He was a good example of how a Christian should be and so very dedicated to his family and his job. I hope that his church will grow and fly on their own. I think that they are well on their way to that. You see the night the of his death there was a tornado that ripped thru the town. His church and his little corner of town were spared for the most part but that allowed his concregation to devote themselves to helping others and giving of themselves like their pastor did all the time. I think that he would have been more than proud of his flock and he would say "Well done".

Please keep thoughts and prayers for this family and the town as well. The next few weeks are going to hard and hectic. For those interested I will have links to the stories.

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