Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finally got the computer back...

My DD has been using the computer at night and I can't seem to find time in the morning so she is at drama practice so I get the computer tonight. I also took pictures too....WAhhhooooo....

This is my faroese shawl...It is in Knitpicks shadow in sweetpea. I love the color and it is very simple but now that is 500+ stitches it takes a while to do a row. But down to the last 20 or so odd rows. Looking forward to getting it done.

This is my MS 3. I am only on like the beginning of the second clue. But I did have to frog once so that the pattern was clearer. This is my first serious lace project. I like a challenge so I think it is coming along great. I like to use the beads too. But this is taking a backseat to the one above. I am thinking that shawls will be my forte. I like to do them and am enjoying the portablity and that fact that how can a shawl NOT fit..... I am already starting to think of my next shawl project.
Not too much going on is raining here today so that slows harvest for a few days. Since it is raining it feels cold too. So the propane heaters are going and I am finally warm today. I have been cold all day. I think I might go and enjoy my evening by sitting in bed and watching TV and knitting. Might even do the cup of tea thing...just feels like the night for it.
Wish me luck with finishing either one of these before the year is out.

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