Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lots to blog about...

Not liking this winter idea....but it has warmed up a bit so I really can't complain.

I have been listening to Pixiepurls podcast. She found a blog that is encouraging everyone to finish some of those UFO's. So I will follow that. I have finally finished the baby kimono. Just have to stitch it up. So one down just another 7 or so to go.

Let's see what are my UFO's....

Irish cabled Hiking scarf
Bristow cardi..back is done bout half way on the left front.
Faorese lace shawl
A simple sock
prayer shawl in merino wool.

These are all that I can think of right now.
Wanted to get some scrapping books done too.
Cards to do and such.

Should also work on some dishcloths/washcloths. ..

There is always something I can find to do.
I have lots of cotton and some sock yarn in my stash to do something with have to work on that.

I will be working on Bristow predominately for the rest of the month. With a few rows of the Faro Shawl.

Will post pictures later.

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