Sunday, August 13, 2006

This one of the things I have been working on. It is the baby Kimono from mason dixon knitting. I am knitting it for my newest great niece. She is a few weeks old so I have to hurry to get it done.

It is a new thing for me. I hope to do more knitting out of the book like the hand towels and some of the dishclothes. I really do enjoy the Mason Dixon book. Great knitting. Thank you Secret Pal for the book.

So there is a knitting update. More later.

This is my tattoo.....granted it is a henna tattoo. Yes, it was temporary. I really enjoyed getting it. I got as part of my weekend to a Christian woman's retreat. We learned about India and Pakistan. It was fun to learn about different cultures and how they relate to our own. We got to meet a couple who grew up in Pakistan. The lady gave anyone who wanted one a henna tattoo. It was lots of fun learning about different religions and investigating my own. I may have to try my hand at henna tattooing too.


Secret Knitter said...

Hi, Tess. That's a great looking tattoo, and your baby kimono looks like its progressing along nicely. I take it my package has reached you? Hope you're enjoying it if you have it.

Your Secret Pal

Lone Knitter said...

Hi, Tess. So you found me! I hope you are enjoying your last package. I look forward to following your knitting and other crafts on your blog. It was fun spoiling you. All best, Your Secret Pal Jenny