Thursday, July 20, 2006

Secret Pal post.....

Okay...I haven't died or anything but have been busy with my new job. I am a bookkeeper at a local grain elevator. So I am learning new things and remember how to do old things. I have trying to do some knitting from the new book that my secret pal sent me. I started the baby kimono but haven't gotten too far with it. I am doing it in a lilac Lion brand cotton. It is for my new great niece. I just have to get it done soon.

I know that my secret pal is out of the country for the a while but I know she will be back soon. I am trying to figure out some things to get for my secret pal. Too many choices...but will just have to choose something.

Talk to you all soon. I have a retreat this weekend my first time to go away by self. It should be interesting.

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The Silent K said...

Oh you are a lucky woman!