Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Look at what I did!!!!

Image hosting by PhotobucketI went and got 3 books coil bound.  It is so nice to be able to lay this book flat to work from.  I can't wait to put it into practice.  It only cost a little over $10 to do 3 books.  I think this is so worth it.  I went to Officemax their copy center there.  It didn't take to long either about 30 mins or so. So I am looking forward to getting more of my books done like this.  If you like this go for it,  it is so easy and well worth it.  I hated that the books always would flop closed or you had to bend back the pages to see what you wanted to work on. 


Stacy Sheldon said...

That looks like an awesome idea Tess! ( I have a cook book holder thing that when i want to use it i just plop the books on it)

Anonymous said...

very cool! I could see how that would help you out alot!