Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Interesting March....so far..

Well, March has been trying to say the least. My dh has been in and out of the hospital for a heart condition that he has had for some time. So hopefully, next week we will get more answers than we have right now.

I did get to start on my sweater Kal for the year. I am really liking the Andean Silk from Knit picks. I love the color Cranberry too. I hope to get my other things finished up this week too. I made some knit markers last weekend too. They came out really pretty. I need to get some more circles to make some more though.

Scrapbooking I haven't done much but think about getting some books coil bound. That would really help to work from them. I have been working on my swap items but that is it. I really need to clean my room and organize it better so I can work up there. I better get going and clean the house some and clean my scrap room too. I also want to get some knitting done too.

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