Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's day!!!

My hubby is the best in the whole world. He always remembers my birthday and Valentine's as well as our anniversaries. I saw he left me my Valentine this morning before he left for work. I have to finish his gift/Valentine this morning. He is always so thoughtful. Not to mention all forgiving for all my misdeeds. I like Valentine's day. I usually always make my own Valentines. I wanted to get some out for my family but never quite got that far. Well, there is always Easter...

Now, on the Craft front>>> I have completed another dishcloth. I am working on my prayer shawl still...getting closer to done there. I have almost completed a heart dishcloth.. just have to knit the last 4 rows and bind off. My Irish cable scarf is still very short. Hope to concentrate on that this week. I am cheering on all of the Olympic Knitters. I just couldn't enter I have so many unfinished things to complete thought that Finishing some things would be a better idea. So that is my knitting update.
Scrapbooking. I did complete 12 Valentines for my women's church group. I have started my Dh's Valentine just have to find pictures of the kids and do a few more pages. Have a long list of layouts to do have to get organized to do them. I have completed all my swap things just have to get them mailed. Someday...I will get some what caught up.
Lots of ideas not enough time or energy.

Have a great Valentine's day...kiss someone.....

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Emily said...

happy valentine's day to you too!