Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for the snow?

It is snowing here again but really it has just started.  We got our first snow and it will probably stay and we won't see the grass or dirt again until March or so.  It looks like it is shaping up the way the Farmer's Almanac has forecast snow and cold.  D might actually have to get on the tractor tonight to do the driveway.  I am so glad we got it.  It is a wonderful thing not to have to walk behind the snow thrower for miles on end.
 Well, I guess we have to thankful for snow and we aren't in a drought or something else.  I just hope every one remembers how to drive in the included.  It is pretty to watch it come down but I know the wind outside of town will be not as pretty when I am driving in it. 

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