Saturday, October 25, 2008

God gave us a gift

Last night we got home from doing a bimonthly shopping trip(groceries etc). It was one of those rare nights that were clear and quiet. Usually when we get home at night the first thing I do is look up at the night sky. Sometimes there are few stars and moon but last night was a awesome. It was full of stars. Here usually in the winter when it is -20 and it looks beautiful but all you really want to do is go inside to get warm. After we brought all of our groceries and such in the house. We all went outside and enjoyed the simple pleasure of looking up at the night sky. Trying to find what constellations we could remember and see. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it. It is always so inspiring to look at how small we really are here in on this Earth. Makes the problems of our little world seem so insignificant somehow. It was really just nice to be with my family and enjoy the simply being together.

This past few weeks have been trying to say the least. The elementary guidance counselor at the school died of colon cancer which she had been battling for about a year. Her family will never be the same and will always be missing someone. Another family lost their daughter in a car accident. She was 17. This is the 3rd girl that has been killed in a car accident in the last four years. So that is another family who will be missing someone for the rest of their lives.

So last night I think was God's gift to us to make us appreciate the family we have right now. We made a few memories especially when Seth said Look there is star orange one right over there.(pointing across at our neighbors property.)..When told no that is just a light Seth says: Our darn it!

The other highlight was there were shooting stars. I saw at least 3. It is always so neat to catch sight one but last night I think most of us saw at least one. So there were wishes made. I just hope God heard them.

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