Thursday, December 10, 2009


Tradition have been on my mind lately.  This year is the first year the kids seem to be interested in our traditions.  I was thinking of changing some things this year and but Autumn was all you can't change things now.  It is  tradition.  It surprised me because I haven't thought too much about what we do and when we do it.  The kids haven't complained or said much of anything about anything that we do.  It is nice to have the feedback to know there are things they look forward too.  Seth this year is interested in the ornaments on our tree.  He was standing looking at it one day and was curious about the ornaments with his Dad's name on them. So I told him about some of the ornaments and he told me about what he remembers about the ornaments.  It was a fun conversation and I am glad that he noticed a tradition.  

Our traditions are this, we go to the Christmas concerts for the kids.  We go caroling with a church group or scouts at the local nursing home. We perform in the live nativity and become icicles.  But we also go on sleigh rides and get warm by the bonfire.  We drive around town and look at all the lights everyone has put on their houses.We sing solos during Christmas Eve church service.  We open one gift Christmas Eve and the rest Christmas morning. Christmas morning we spend enjoying our gifts and each other.  We usually watch White Christmas, The Santa Clause, and a few other Christmas movies during some weekend. I try to fit in making cookies but that sometimes does not happen. 

During Christmas time we are busy with school and basketball games.  Next year will be different as we won't have basketball games to go to anymore. I might find more time to bake those cookies.  We see how it goes and what new traditions will form as our family changes.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Good Intentions

Every Christmas time always brings good intentions.  I intend to write a Christmas letter and send cards.  Along with those cards I want to send pictures of the kids.  But as usual with basketball starting, work getting busy for the spring, and all the Christmas programs etc.  It just never gets done.  This year so far I have written a letter and got my list of people to send cards. There is always hope that it gets done this year.  I might even go ahead and buy my stamps too.  This is the most prepared I have been in years we will see how long it lasts.  I have pictures of Autumn (senior pics) and tonight I should be able to get one of the boys too.  Seth's concert is tonight and I made him a box to fit over his head so that he can be a present. It should be interesting.    I will post my last two Journal my Christmas entries when I get home tonight.  I can't believe I am up to date on this.  Last night I was looking for my X stamp maker and I found my previous Christmas journals.  I farthest I have made is to the 7th of Dec.  I hope to do the whole thing this year.  Wish me luck.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Winter Weather

I woke to a world of white this morning.  It actually started to snow yesterday afternoon. Now it is still snowing and the ground is covered with white.  After looking at the weather forecast,  we are supposed to get another inch. I love snow during Christmas but I do get tired of it by the end of December. If only we could get it just before Christmas and then it could melt and I would the happiest person around.  The years we haven't had snow for Christmas just seemed so wrong, like it just wasn't Christmas yet.  I have a feeling this white look is going to stay until the spring.  I do love it when it is untouched and no footprints, mud etc to mar its existance. Snow always make everything seem new somehow.  I have always lived in the north where snow is always a possiblity.  There are so many different types of snow. We have the heavy, wet snow in Ohio and the dry, light fluffy stuff we usually get here in North Dakota. I guess winter wouldn't be winter without the white stuff.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

JYC Manifesto

IMG_1918.JPG, originally uploaded by stephrussell2001.

This is my first page in my Christmas journal. I love doing this activitiy every year. It gives me something to look forward to every day. I can sometimes get too caught up in the push and shove to really stop and enjoy the season just for its own sake.

This reads:
Starting Dec 1st, I will keep a Christmas journal. In it, I will write something every day to reflect on the holidays of my past, enjoy the holidays of my present, and dream about the holidays of my future.

To some this will be a stack of papers and trivial scribbles, but NOT to me. I am taking back my Christmas. I am letting be something I relish and most importantly, I am giving at least 15 minutes every day to myself no matter how crazy the season becomes. I hope you will share, encourage and understand as I make something with my own hands, my own words and my own memories.

Enjoy the season: I will.